Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some interesting blogs......

Hello WOW bloggers, I came across some really interesting blogs in the 1, 000 blogs of note (on the blogspot dashboard). Here are 3 which I found very interesting in terms of writing style and visual presentation. Let me know what you think. Here they are; my favorite (isn't that such a creative name?),, and Sorry gentlemen the bloggers are all female, not meant to be a comment on male bloggers. I also came across a link to Virginia Tech, where the unfortunate massacre of 32 students and faculty members occurred. They are; and I don't know if anyone else has caught the bug, but I can't stop thinking about blogging. I feel compelled to search for interesting blogs! Somebody stop me!!

1 comment:

Housewife said...

Well I'm just so full of myself right now....

Your favorite? Really? Me?

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.