Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now Four Days After........

I feel sort of set adrift after five intense weeks of waking up early and setting off for the venue of our WOW sessions with anticipation. My brain was so active it was in danger of going into overdrive!! I miss the adrenalin pumping through my veins as I grappled to process all the information that was downloading into my head. My team members will be going on to exciting internships (I wish you all the best folks) while I go on to complete my research report. I hope they will continue to share with us the lesson learnt during their internships, as well as how the World of Work Training programme has been beneficial in navigating in practical terms in the workplace. Goodluck everyone!!


Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hi Ije,
I will really miss you. Today when I was reading your post, I remembered that I use to cry when I was teenage whenever relatives should take their fly back home. I don't cry this time. But I felt little bit lost the following day of WOw's end. I just wish that we keep in touch because we can have business in coming years atleast if you don't get a pro-parternalist husband.
All the best and God bless

Susan Arthur said...

Hello there

I feel the same, waking up and not really knowing what to do with myself! I wish you luck too in meeting your deadline, and hope the lessons from WOW will be useful even in your research project- eg time management (rocks and sand), creativity, discipline..) I'm sure there's lots! so I also hope you keep blogging and that you remember as a group we'll be here to support you if you ever need a coffee break!

Valentin said...

Dear Ije, I will really miss you a lot.
As Susan said, you should know that you are surrounded by good friends who would always be there for you whenever you need help.
I wish you good luck with your trip to the US and let it be an amazing experience for you! We'll definitely see each other very soon, before you go!
We'll never forget you! You would always be one of us!