Wednesday, May 2, 2007

''Real Wealth is Portable, it is called Knowledge''

The above title is one of the gems I took away from the first speaker of today's session, aptly flagged ''managing personal destiny''. Professor Lovemore Mbigi, a reknowned motivational speaker, shared his personal vision and considerable achievement with us. I quite enjoyed his attitude, which some might regard as self-promoting or even arrogant. It is refreshing to meet an individual who is not apologetic about his status or his achievements. Asides from his 'refreshing' attitude, he had a lot of important and motivating things to say. There were three things he said that stand out for me;
''You must have courage to be different''
''In order to have an uncommon life you must risk being common''
''Learn to live at the summit of your dream''
The reality is that not all of us are Bill Gates, Richard Bronson, Donald Trump or the inventors of google. But we each have something that is unique that we can share with the world, the secret is to discover what that unique quality is and how we can turn it into a valuable asset. Prof. Mbigi's approach struck a chord with me because I believe in the 'can do' attitude. I like to be challenged with solving a problem, I embrace change because it brings with it improvement, a fresh perspective, new challenges. It also builds your character and promotes personal growth. Most importantly, it is a great learning curve. He also emphasised the importance of reading up on different subjects, not being constrained to your field of study or area of specialisation. Key to anyone's success is the ability to dream, and to work hard to actualise that dream. He asked that we focus on our areas of brilliance and aim to be among the top ten percent.

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Valentin said...

Dear Ijeoma, indeed Prof. Mbigi's presentation was a good link to most of the issues that have been raised earlier-the notion of personal growth, innovation and your contribution to the work-place.
Again, as you mentioned, one needs to come up with his (her) knowledge and skills and project these at the work-place.
I have also talked on this a lot in one of my recent blogs-the one that i talk about my impression from Roy Blumenthal's last session. Perhaps you have read it already, but please, read it again. Tell me what you think!