Friday, May 25, 2007

Reviewing Johnny Klegg and other matters

I received some really interesting comments from Thomas Blaser and Valentin Tassev (WOW 2007 Team members) on Johnny Klegg's take on success. I agree with what Valentin said about success not being about material wealth but about the relationships that you build. Relationships with family, your partner, at work, at varsity, in your community, at church and so on. Success is really about relationships isn't it? For example, without the relationships that Jean Powers and Lesley Emanuel (WOW Internship Programme Administrators) have built with various individuals and organisations in the corporate sector, we would not have been privileged to have the calibre of guest lecturers that came during the one-month duration of the programme. Again, without the relationships built by the interns that have gone before us, the programme would not have gained such a good reputation in the world of work.
This past week has been terribly busy for me. I have had to make some very hard decisions since receiving news of acceptance into the Bard-Luce Scholarship. It has underscored for me some of the issues raised during our sessions, as well as given me the opportunity to apply the practical skills acquired. Stress management, time management (very important at this point), as well as change management. Initially, my thoughts were consumed with the trillion tasks I had to do in the next two months before leaving in August. First priority is my research of course. Unfortunately, I have the long list of requirements for visa applicants to the American Embassy to deal with.
The import of this opportunity has not fully sunk in because I have a lot to accomplish within a short period. Fortunately, after the initial panic, I have become quite clear-headed. I work well under pressure, I have greater clarity and I go into remote-organisational-mode. I remember Roy Blumenthal's principles of Ready! Fire! Action! Aim! I am at the getting-ready stage. Marshalling my thoughts, strategising, focusing. Next phase is the Firing, giving my ideas free-reign and also soliciting input from other people (in this instance the international office, family, my H.O.D., supervisor, friends etc). Then action! Actualising my strategies, achieving my aims and objectives towards this trip. Aim, honing in on my primary goal. This is a wonderful strategy for anything one wants to achieve, not only in the world of work but in life generally.
I hope my colleagues who are proceeding to do internships will blog about the entire process. From interviews to victories, to the actual internship. Good luck!!

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Valentin said...

Dear Ijeoma, I like your confidence and your plan for the near future.
I am sure that everything will come right into its place despite all the urgent things you need to do in a short period of time. Quite often I also get stressed if I need to do many things at the same time (and most of them really important things).
So, keep it up! You'll succeed, I am sure.
Thanks for your comments on my blog!
By the way, did you check the email I sent to blogthinking about an invitation to a theatre show for all of you, guys. If not, please, check it!
Would you like to come? Please, let me know as soon as you can!