Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A push in the right direction....

Hello everyone, here is some information I thought you might find useful. In case you are a budding entrepreneur or looking to start your own business, here is something that could jump start your dreams. Remember Professor Lovemore Mbigi's session in which he said that you should ''learn to live at the summit of your dream''.
BusinessTimes Careers (July 22, 2007) carried an article titled ''Your big chance to cut loose'' (www.sundaytimes.co.za/careers). The piece is about the 2006 FNB Enablis Business Plan Competition winners. If you are ''flirting'' with the idea of leaving your job and starting your own business, this is your chance!
Applicants are required to write a viable business plan. Martin Feinstein the competition's programme director asks that the business plan is kept ''logical, factual and focused on customer needs, as well as product features and the practicalities of getting your product or service from production to the customer''.
I thought this a very good way of honing one's skills in business plan writing. To learn more about the competition visit www.enabliscompetition.co.za or call the competition line on 083 913 3362. The competition also attracts seasoned investors. According to the article, several of the finalists and winners of previous competitions have received multi-million rand investments from both local and offshore investors. Interesting.
Source: BusinessTimes Careers (July 22, 2007)

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Susan Arthur said...

Thanks, early bird, for the information - hope some of us enter.