Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boating Down Historic Hudson River

This week (Monday 20 -Friday 24) was the BCEP version of Orientation week. We visited a local farm on Tuesday, in the Hudson Valley area. This is a very historic area apparently. The famous West Point Military Academy is located a few miles from us. The Hudson Valley is the 'birthplace' of modern day United States environmentalism as well.
We went on a boat cruise of the Hudson River earlier today. The river stretches all the way up into Canada. The American civil war was fought in part in the Hudson Valley Area. Americans from the state of New York are very proud of the rich history of the area.The area between New York and New Jersey is known as the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.
Bard College is located within this very picturesque and beautiful setting. From my dormitory window I look out at wide vistas of rolling hills and lush vegetation. It is very humbling to realise that I am one little speck within such an awesome natural phenomenon.
When I think of the College slogan - Bard, a place to think - it really resonates, because it reflects quite aptly the sort of atmosphere that permeates the university environs.

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Valentin said...

Dear Ijeoma,
you mention that you are envious of me finishing my degree.

Actually, I am envious of you when I read about your wonderful experience in the US so far.

When I read your post, it just reminds of the good times I had in America two years ago.

In some ways, it feels like long time ago; yet, in some ways, it feels like yesterday.

I wish you nice experience.

We might even see each other in the US soon.