Thursday, October 11, 2007

I guess I was wrong....

We got back our comments and scores for our group presentations today. My team scored 97%! Thank you Des Patel for your class on presentation skills!! Here are excerpts from comments made by our science professors -Mara Ranville and Jennifer Phillips;
''Excellent job of interpreting and summarizing material for audience. Information well-organized. Very nice introduction to talk. Nice use of case studies through out the talk. It seemed clear that all of the team really understood what they were presenting on, giving the idea od being ''experts'' that could answer questions from the audience. Good job of quickly deciding deciding what to skip and wrapping up professionally''
''The terms human and social capital were used a lot without defining- might have helped to give examples to be sure everyone has same meaning. Problem with timing- need to practice to be sure you can do whole talk in alloted time''.
Thanks to Lesley Emanuel and Jean Power the WOW program administrators and facilitators.


Valentin said...

Hey, Ijeoma, well done!
I am still at AICC, busy with many projects, so is Susan Mwangi.
Many of us (the WOW team plus Jean Power) went to the UJ theatre to watch "Cabaret" performed by UJ students.
We wish you could be there as well. I think all of us enjoyed it, it was really nice.
We might be going to the next show, it's called "The Suit".
You have to fly now to SA to watch it and then go back to the US, alright?
No, i am just joking!
Alright, I wish you good luck. I might be going to Bulgaria for two months at the end of November after my graduation.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hey Valentin,
I've been wondering what has been happening to you. Glad to see you still find time for the small pleasures of life. Thank you for your comment. I'm just hanging in there as it is always a race against time to meet up with the numerous academic obligations that I am burdened with. Have a safe trip to Bulgarai and loads of fun!!