Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hello everyone, I am a free woman for a month!! The last three weeks of the semester was tough!! Loads of assignments, readings, presentations and back-to-back exams. I cannot believe it's been a week now since my last exams on the 19th of december.
I escaped on the 21st to the city and celebrated christmas with my family here. Christmas!! What a frenzy! Shopping, shopping and more last minute shopping!! Quite exhausting.
Imagine, 2007 is fast coming to an end, and this morning the sad news about Benizir Bhutto....what a shame. On Wednesday night I watched the CNN Heroes awards ceremony at the New York museum of natural history. It was very emotional for me, and wonderful to see 'ordinary' men and women perform acts of selflessness and heroism. There is still hope for humanity.
I wish you all happy holidays (as they say in America) and a very properous new year!!

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