Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The way forward

The joy of the new year is fast fading, the question now is ''which way forward?'' Frankly....I am not sure. There are a lot of possibilities, things that have the potential of materializing into good opportunities. Who knows? I am currently looking into vacancies, fellowships, research opportunities and internships.
The level of growth that I have achieved is phenomenal. I cannot believe how much I have absorbed these past four months, as well as in the two and a half years studying at Wits University in South Africa. I am ready to conquer the world once I finish with my course at Bard.
Meanwhile, I am totally fascinated by American politics the Clinton and Obama way. The American view of democracy is certainly unique. Far removed from our ''elimination'' politics in many parts of Africa. In the united States oponents have a go at each other during campaign rallies and debates, afterwards they go out and have a meal or a couple of drinks. Interesting take on politics is it not?

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