Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saint Valentine calls again....

Yes, it's here again. The day for lovers and (I think) very special friends. For me the day was filled with two exhausting two and a half hour classes. I broke the monotony by going to the movies with my friends and classmates, Irynka and Ann-Marie. A ladies night out. We saw the premier of ''Definitely, Maybe''. A chick flick I guess but worth seeing. A nice valentine's day movie. I hope everyone did something they enjoyed with a special someone or a couple of special people. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

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Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hey! lady.
Nice to read you and see some of your pics. Valentine's for those single like me was specially postponed to the following night. Friday night salsa party was fantastic. Everyone had fun as people were still coming until 12am. Not surprised to see Susan A. skills but more surprised of myself stuck on salsa basic couting of 1-2-3: 4-5-6. Of cause, I had to switch on my impro-salsa-freestyle. That wasn't bad. It was just a matter of adingd some red African papper and ginger to the salsa sauce. Ah..ha. We had fun and forget about missed valentines'kisses. God bless you and keep well.