Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring at last!!

It's spring finally!! My head has been buried deep in my books for the past three weeks. Mid-terms and all that jazz. There's no relief even though we finished our exams on Tuesday. It's barely four weeks to finals.

We are going on a field trip to a wind farm on Monday. I am looking forward to it. We've been talking about renewable sources of energy since the beginning of the semester. If you remember from my previous blog posts, that was all I talked about!!

It's very interesting to read about Bhutan's Happiness Index on blog thinking our WOW yahoo group mail. We had to analyze this index in our second economics problem set, and compare it to the GDP index. The question was, is this a useful way of measuring human well-being, which is the cornerstone on which modern economics is premised. It is an interesting debate and I have been reading the 2008 WOWers thoughts (and those of Lesley Emanuel who set the ball rolling) on it with great interest.

I have barely five more weeks to the end of this programme and I feel nostalgic already. I will miss the conducive environment at Bard College. And particularly my professors and classmates. It has been a really intellectually intense one year.

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Adam N. Mukendi said...

Mucha Mama!
Really I can see that you had a good time. yes, separation is never easy even when we fake. You just remind that kid, I was crying every time my cousins had to travel back. I am coping now but still I wont say that I accept such situations. Hopefully you will find a way to compensate that emptiness. What are you plans? Are you coming back in SA...I will be happy to show you how my Salsa free style has grown.

With love
God bless You