Monday, August 11, 2008

What in the World is Going On????

A week ago a really grisly incident occurred on a greyhound bus in Canada. Reading about it, it just seemed so surreal. A Chinese immigrant stabs a young man sitting next to him 60-70 times then cuts of his head with a large knife and eats parts of his body. It sounds like a hollywood movie but it is not. It happened in real life. What in the world is going on? The claim is that he suffered some kind of manically insane episode. What on earth does that mean? Now a 22 year old man is dead and I cannot begin to imagine how his family is suffering.
I hate watching the local news here because just like in South Africa it is usually about murder and mayhem with sex-related scandals thrown into the mix. Sad news everywhere you turn. Just yesterday there was news about a taxi driver who got shot in the eye by three girls that flagged him down. It seemed that they were teenage girls as well. One of them shot him point blank in the head and now he's blind.
My friend and I were looking for a birthday present for her soon-to-be 3 year old son as well as the older boy who is 4. At Kmart we noticed that all the action figures looked fierce, aggressive, violent and just down right scary!! What happened to all the nice happy action figures of yester years? Why are kids being taught to be so violent? Everything is about aggressive success, winning at all costs and looking muscular or looking like an emaciated barbie doll. What is that all about? And we wonder why there is so much violent crime? Cartoons that used to be nice and educational are now all about shooting and hitting and yelling. Unbelievable!!
It makes me so scared. I am terrified about the kind of generation we are breeding because the wars will never stop. The violent crimes will never stop. We are now living in a world full of angry, malfunctioning individuals. God help us.

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