Thursday, September 4, 2008

Swimming in the currents of change...

I signed up with a temping agency here in the States while I continue searching for my 'ideal' job. I am determined to source out that job that I feel will be the right kind of stepping stone to what I really want to be doing.
I was encouraged to apply for a position in UNDP by my professor from the Bard Centre for Environmental Policy, Monique Segarra. She is my policy professor and has a very interesting background in political studies and international relations. I did not get the position because UN staff are given priority as candidates for UN vacancies.
Policy analysis and development is an area that I am keenly interested in. I want to have the opportunity to develop my skills in the field of 'knowledge management'. The position in UNDP was titled 'knowledge analyst', which I understand is the new 'buzz' word for researcher. It sounds very sophisticated and to my mind is indicative of extensive expertise in research, analysis and development of policy, as well as related sectors.
I applied for a position at the Africa Centre in Cape Town and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am shortlisted and interviewed. It sounds like the kind of organisation I would love to work with. It is of great importance to me that we develop and grow research in the arts, culture and heritage sectors in particular, as well as begin to train more arts and cultural heritage managers.
Wish me luck!!

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