Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown to election day...

It has been a most illuminating experience for me being here in the United States during the presidential electoral process. Not only is it significantly different from the way elections are run in my home country Nigeria, it is also a first-hand demonstration of democracy in action as it were.
The surprising thing is that no matter how it is 'cloaked', democracy in the United states is just a more 'civilized' version of the power play that goes on in Africa. However, Senator Barrack Obama has run a unique race, not in terms of his politics but in terms of the approach he took. His campaign was not really about him but about what can be achieved when a campaign involves the people who in a democratic setting should be involved in choosing who will govern them.
Barrack Obama represents the struggles of slaves and the sons and daughters of slaves who now live in a so-called 'free' society. He represents civil rights and human rights movements by African-Americans as well as in black Africa and other parts of the world where people are still struggling to achieve some measure of political freedom.
It is a historic moment in the United States the so-called 'free world' where a person of colour has never made it to the point of being a presidential candidate. Senator Obama has carried his campaign with dignity, confidence, humility, reverence and above all class. I am even prouder that I am black person in these times.
Viva Senator Barrack Obama!

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