Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Father's Day today!!

Today is that special day set aside for fathers, usually it's the moms who get all the attention mother's day is as big as valentine's day and I am guessing dads sometimes feel marginalized because they never get fussed over like moms are.

So I am taking out some time to salute our fathers especially mine because he means the world to me and I cannot describe the love I have for him. He has been a constant in my life, he has taught me so much, most importantly he has set an example for me by his conduct, the way he lives his life, his principles, motivations, inspirations, aspirations, convictions and ambitions.

I doubt that I could have asked for a better father had I been asked to send in my specifications.

I duff my hat for all those men who do what they do for love of their wives and children, their extended families, they have huge responsibilities but they caryy out those responsibilities with grace and good cheer.

We, your mothers, wives, children, sisters, cousins and friends love and appreciate you for everything you do and the person that you are.

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