Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And still more water under the proverbial bridge...

June thru July has been very hectic for me at work and personally. A lot has happened, meeting new people, weighing my options here in South Africa, Nelson Mandela turning 93 on the 18th of July, a shocking bomb blast in Norway, famine in Sudan as well as a new state. The United States hanging on by the skin of its teeth in the face of an ever encroaching  and looming threat that will further plunge the country into a prolonged economic crisis. 

Closer home the labour unions are fighting wage wars  and no agreements have been reached.  At Gallery MOMO we're getting ready for Andrew Tshabangu's solo exhibition entitled Kibera Nimoja (Kibera is one) based on his observations of an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kemya. We are also preparing for Paris Photo and FRIEZE. It has been quite a good year for the gallery and for me as an arts administrator. I would really like to lean more towards academia next year and do more consulting in the arts and culture sector.

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