Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 A Year of Definitive Change for Nigeria

2012 has started with interesting developments in Nigeria. Developments that I am only too happy to see. I just hope that we as Nigerian citizens keep the ultimate goal in sight - rooting out corruption from government and making the perpetrators accountable - and not give up this fight, this call to salvage our great Nation, which has long been kept captive by criminals disguised as leaders.

We must keep in view that if we don't fight the system now, the rot will continue to fester and our children and grandchildren and generations to come will suffer for our neglect and the inability to stay the course. I am proud that Nigerians from every walk of life both the rich and poor are marching in peaceful demonstrations demanding that the government is accountable and transparent.

I believe 2012 will be a definitive year for Nigerians and Nigeria as a nation.

Aluta Continua!!


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