Monday, April 30, 2007

Hints on Links

To present a visually attractive link column, go to layout, click on template then click again on edit links. If you have already set your links, scroll down to New Site URL and instead of typing your link address, just type in the name of the person or organisation. For example instead of typing, type in Roy. You may add Blumenthal or not, it's your choice. Then click on save changes and voila!! Please note that the link address will appear below in New Site Name, if it does not, type it in!


Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hi Ije,
Thanks for your help. I have tried link and its works. Just one thing. Would you change the format of your two chef-d'oeuvre. They are too big. Also I have send comments on Maxwel post and yours but it seens that they were unsuccesful.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Thank you Adam, I have removed the first one. I was having some technical problems, but all sorted now.

Thomas Blaser said...

The artwork is very nice and thanks for the hints. Ja its good to keep the traffic going. You may want to think about the title: it is hard to read at first sight.