Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Reflections on the World of Work Programme

As individuals there are many things we overlook or are ignorant about. Most of the time we miss opportunities that are within our reach, because we were not paying attention. At the beginning of this programme I blogged about not knowing what to expect and keeping an open mind. These past 3 weeks, I have felt like a barrel that has been filled to over-flowing.
Based on what I have gained within this short period, I strongly recommend the WOW training programme to every humanities postgraduate student. I believe it is a model that should be adopted across all faculties, as it is highly beneficial to bridging the gap between varsity and the work place. I cannot quantify what I have learnt within these 3 weeks. It has inspired self-reflection, introspection and a realistic examination of my abilities, capabilities and limitations vis a vis my expectations and career objectives. I am now in the process of mentally re-positioning myself to take advantage of any possibilities and opportunities that present themselves as I continue on this journey of self-actualisation and discovery. How am I feeling? Positive, optimistic, uncertain, challenged and excited.
It has been a very hectic, intense and worthwhile 3 weeks. For me each speaker brought a certain unique quality and attitude that has inspired me much more than what he or she said. We are very lucky to have interacted with and learnt from these individuals, who have given so generously of themselves, their time and expertise.

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