Saturday, May 5, 2007

Change is the buzz word

Change is a given in life, and it is constant. This week we talked about managing personal destiny, HIV/AIDS in the work place, corporate creativity (or unleashing your creativity), leadership and remuneration.
Change was the buzz word. Global change, personal change, change management, structural change, leadership change, innovative change, changing the way we view HIV/AIDS in the work place, mental and physical change and so on. The message received from our various guest speakers underscored the need to be open to change. To seek change actively in a positive way. The world is shrinking at a fast rate, in the not-too-distant future it will become 'borderless'. Globalisation is the current mantra on everyone's lips. The world is taking on a global 'character' in world speak 'global culture'. It is easy to access the world via satellite, IT, travel, media and so on. Coca-cola is a world brand, found in the remotest hamlets in the world. Now, we listen to 'world' music. We receive 'breaking news' from any part of the globe as it is happening via satellite.
Kuseni Dlamini (RBCT) spoke about Africa needing to become a more significant player in the global business and political sphere. Fiona MacDonald(Fiona MacDonald & Associates) in her session on leadership gives a more positive spin to Dlamini's views. She talked about an 'African Leadership' style, that is already in existence in the business world which could become a viable model for organisational leadership globally. Her point was that Africa can also contribute to the global business arena, using traditional leadership methods that have been tried and tested in a contemporary context. We do not always have to follow, we can also lead.

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Valentin said...

Ijeoma, I agree with you: one should be open to change. However, this kind of change that gives one the comfort he (she) needs.
I believe that change is positive and it should be always welcomed. However, not at the expense that you abandon your values and principles or you start ignoring them.
Change should rather help you reconsider your ethics and principles, and build up on what you have already developed. In other words, change is always helpful if it shows someone a new perspective of doing things, a new experince or in general, a new perspective on life.
Am I too abstract or you get what I am saying.