Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Calculus and econometrics

For over a week now, we have been navigating the choppy waters of calculus, stastistics and econometrics. Well, I should say the choppyness is in varying degrees for each individual class member. Personally, it is a challenge that I am trying to find creative ways to surmount.
Luckily, the system here provides you with every possible back up. So, I have asked for a tutor for these three courses. This is a considerable challenge for me as I studied foundation chemistry and economics ten years ago (no statistics though), and only in the first three years of high school. Thereafter, I was allowed to choose between arts or science subjects.
I must confess though that inspite of these challenges, the programme is quite exciting and very interesting. I am learning so many new things. Not necessarily new as in novel, but in the sense that the programme addresses real issues relating to conservation and preservation, that cut across the board. Environmental issues are increasingly taking on global dimensions with very serious implications for our collective existence now and in the future.
Today, we had our first lecture in environmental law. I am very interested in the way law intersects with policy and vice-versa. I will explore some of these issues further, in future blog posts. Now I have to go back to the huge volumes of reading waiting for me.


Thomas Blaser said...

These subjects do not sound exciting, but I think they are good skills to have. Not many with a penchant for art study these things - so a good exposure. In my job, I also deal with statistics. I never liked it but I like to add it to my repertoire now.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hello Thomas, great to have you back on-line. I know what you mean about having skills outside your area of specialisation. It's a good system which they has been going on for long in the US. Gives you a good overview of various sectors. I was a bit overwhelmed in the first week but I'm settling in and adjusting better now.

Susan Arthur said...

Wow, Ije, I'm not sure I could do it... and I last studied chemistry, maths etc 6 years ago (and they weren't my favourite!!)
But don't worry.. you're definitely up to the challenge - and I'm sure the whole experience is stretching you, which always brings out the best in a person. Good luck!