Sunday, September 2, 2007

A weekend in the City

It's 11:55 pm here and there's an impromptu party going on outside my window. The undergrad students are back!! The fall semester begins technically on Monday (September 3), only it's Labour Day, a significant day in US history and therefore a holiday. Unfortunately, Bard students don't get the day off but the BCEP programme does, thank god!! After the week I just had, I deserve some rest. Please note that I am not knocking the tranquility that upstate New York offers in abundance.
I took a train ride down to the city (NYC of course) with three of my course mates on Friday (31st August) via grand central station smack in the center of Manhattan, near fifth avenue (a shopperholics paradise). I stayed with my friend in the 'famous' east village (11th street, east side)and soaked up that special vibe that is New York. It was particularly wonderful to be in a place where I was not starring out at stretches of vegetation (spectacular landscapes admittedly) with very little sign of human habitation.
There was constant motion, a wide variety of places and peoples to look at. It reminded me of Lagos in a way. Now I have to organise my thoughts and do some reading for this week's classes. It's going to be a long week!!


Valentin said...

Dear Ijeoma, it seems that you are having nice time there.
I wish I could also walk now on the streets of New York city (especially around Manhattan).
Today I just submitted my final thesis to the faculty and will probably graduate in November. I wish you were here, we could party.
Well, nex time!
Have a good time!

P.S. Send my regards to Irynka! Where is she from? She must be from Eastern Europe, right? Maybe Russia or Ukraine.

themba nyauza said...

Dear Ijeoma,
The place on the photo looks lush and green. Difinitely my kind of place. I like the open spaces, fresh air and the beauty of the green enviroment. Actually I am green with envy....Cheers