Friday, September 14, 2007

Ending the week on a musical note..

It has been a long hard week, filled with the stress of academia and loads of assignments!! To de-compress before diving back into the huge pile of weekend reading and assignments, my Ukrainian friend Irynka and I decided to attend a classical concert at the Fisher Center inside Bard College.
The Richard B. Fisher Center for the performing arts, is a very beautiful contemporary building and home to the American Symphony Orchestra (the Orchestra that played tonight). People come from New York city (and neighbouring towns) to attend concerts there, and it is affiliated to top music intitutions in the city.
My spirit was greatly up-lifted for the duration of the concert and beyond. The acoustics was fabulous and the Orchestra simply amazing! Now I can plunge into the coming week with renewed vigour.


Susan Arthur said...

Hey there, glad you could take some time out to relax. I went to the Sowetho gospel choir concert last night - they were really fabulous - and also heard the Wits choir last week- also brilliant!
I love the picture... looks just like an american scene. Keep them coming!

Thanks for your response to the mail, it's difficult to blog when I've been sitting in front of a computer all day at work - don't really feel like it when I come home. But it's still a useful way to think through what's happening at work.

PS It's heritage day here on Monday... made me think of you!

Thomas Blaser said...

Did you have an envigourated week? Music has indeed an uplifting effect and a live performance even more so. Is this because of sharing the music with others or is it because the music is played in front of your eyes and ears?

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hey Thomas and Susan A.,
Thanks!! Sorry I'm just reading this and responding now. It was a wonderful concert. There was an exceptionally talented young pianist from Taiwan, and the American Symphony Orchestra is really brilliant. It was a really decompressant(?) after an exhausting week!!