Saturday, October 27, 2007

Autumn's a-coming..

Hello again. It's autumn here and it is so beautiful. The leaves are turning red, gold, brown and russet. Absolutely amazing. Last time I promised to send pictures of our canoe trip on Thursday last week. I have also been writing about wetlands, now I can show you an example of one from my pictures.
This week it's exams in environmental policy, law and science. I'm also beseiged with assignments. One thing I can say with authority is that I am perpetually being challenged mentally to think in different ways, conventional and unconventional, out of the box and inside the box. It's wonderful and exhausting at the same time!
You may not hear a lot from me this week but I'll keep changing the pictures!! It's also halloween today, so lots of parties, pumpkins and scary costumes!! My policy professor invited the class to a party but sadly not many of us will be attending. Ironically, she gaves us an assignment that needs to be in by Monday. Tough luck!!


Thomas Blaser said...

And I thought you were at college but it looks like a holiday camp! I can send you something later on as the article will be published in Safundi in January 2008. I trust you well and you are not afraid of the winter.

Adam N. Mukendi said...

Hi Lady!
I wish you did submit the paper in time. Talking about halloween, I've seen on tv a document on Halloween in Japan. It's so strange to see such a conservative society buying with anthousiasm this western concept. This year in tokyo halloween was the best ever, with big geant designed creature on streets. I wonder if from within, Americans still attach the same value to this event...would you tell me? I say this because it happen sometimes that visiting a friend from another country, I see him appreciate a congolese song which looks in fact too old for me (as being a Congolese). Societies are on mutation but let not loose our identity.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hi there Thomas,
I am at college working damn hard!! Don't blame me if a teeny-weeny bit of what looks like recreation is thrown in. Note the operative word is 'looks like'. How are you?? Thanks for your comment.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Bonjour Adam,
It's very interesting that you mention Tokyo. My Chinese classmate finds everything about America and Americans fascinating. He wants to investigate and process everything he sees and comes across. That makes me scared of the ability asians have, particularly Chinese of infilterating anywhere. My British classmate on the other hand was really excited and wanted to experience an American halloween. I was just tired. I have experienced halloween as a child in America, it was quite nice then. We went door to door in our neighbourhood 'trick-a-treating' and receiving candy.