Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 44th President of the United States of America

It is encouraging to witness in these very tumultuous, uncertain and often-changing landscapes that embodies the 21st century, the kind of inspiration and hope that one individual represents. Particularly in a world where people have become increasingly cynical and individualistic.

I was lucky to have been in the States at the beginning of this incredible journey that brought former Illinois Senator Barrack Obama to this point. I first saw him on Oprah Winfrey and was immediately captivated by his confidence, calmness, self-assurance and faith in the goodness of humankind. A truly remarkable man by any standards.

I have heard comments such as 'he's a politician and in the end he will go the way of others before him'. Hmmm...I don't know. I see in him the zeal to work for the 'people' as the machinery of government was set out to do. There is a certain 'purity' if you will in his character that demands that he does the right thing. This is my opinion of course. But I think this man is a remarkable individual who will achieve great things. He is idealistic and I believe idealism is a required ingredient for people that effect change, particularly under difficult circumstances.

It is certain (to me) that he will definitely do his best. He will go beyond the call of duty and move mountains to make sure that homes are saved, jobs are created and most of all that the dignity of labour is once again restored, and that the United States of America will again rise as a truly democratic entity with its ideals once again restored.

What ever happens these first four years of Obama's presidency, it is apparent that change has indeed come to America and the hands of the clock can never be turned back....ever.

This should send a message to governemnts around Africa that have enslaved their citizens into a life of hardship, poverty and civil strife. I speak personally of my country, Nigeria, where there is so much wealth but this great wealth is being distributed amongst a greedy few and their foreign counterparts. I am speaking of a country like Zimbabwe and the fact that President Robert Mugabe has totally destroyed an economy that was a shinning example on the Continent. And my question is 'why on earth is he still there?'. where is SADEC, the AU? Do we need to wait for the UN and the West to place sanctions on Zimbabwe? Sanctions that further crush the ordinary man on the street?

I refer to DRC Congo where there are numerous natural resources but no infrastructure and increasing poverty. I am talking about governments that sell their 'birth rights' to China, Europe and America at the expense of their citizenry personally 'pocketing' billions, trillions of dollars while their citizens out of desperation seek refuge in other countries. And pay the prize of being 'third class' citizens in foreign lands, sometimes paying for this so-called 'freedom' by loosing their lives.

It is totally unacceptable and obviously these 'leaders' are not interested in the long-term, in generations to come. What will be left behind for their children, grand-children and great-grand children? I wonder....... It makes my heart so heavy and the fact is that poverty can be eradicated in Africa if governments acknowledge that governance is not about lining your pockets while your country falls into a decline and rots away. When will we learn? When will we put our house in order and stop looking to the West to do it for us???

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Susan Arthur said...

Yes we can!
Check out my post today for more on Obama and his campaign.