Friday, January 30, 2009

How can Nigeria's problems be solved?

It is the people in distress that can understand these things. Unless you have a society in which the citizens feel passionately about freedom and justice, fair-play and transparency, that is, a situation in which you can tell and see where the money that belongs to you goes, Nigeria's problems may continue to defy solutions.

Nigeria is a country where money simply disappears. Some efforts have been made to keep records of the transfer of budgetary allocations from the center and the middle to the bottom. And it was something new when it was presented to the public and those who presented it said, 'this is what we have done; this is how much that was derived from the Federal Government, and how much that belongs to the state governments and local governments'.

These details are absolutely necessary. These are rituals that you must insist on. Unless it happens in Nigeria, our money will keep on disappearing in black holes.

Prof. Chinua Achebe

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