Monday, March 30, 2009

I have been away too long...

I cannot believe that I have not blogged in 2 months!! And in those two months a number of things have happened on the employment front, nothing momentous but I daresay some progress has been made.

My internship period at GCAP was extended until April 30th and I have applied for one of the advertised positions within the organisation. This is an interesting time to be in GCAP because it has become an independent organisation. The registration for the GCAP Global Foundation was finalised in February. So, we are severing the umblical cord from CIVICUS come May 30th.

I am quite excited about GCAP's independence, which gives us more room to carry out our mandate of mobilising civil society around the issues of poverty and inequality more agressively. These mobilisations are organised around the following key events for 2009;

1. International Women's Day, 8th march
2. G20 Summits, April 2
3. G8 Summit, July 8-10
4. Stand Up and Take Action/International Day for teh Eradication of Poverty, 17th October
5. UNFCCC Climate Change Conference, 30 November - 11 December
6. World Dignity Day, 5th December

Our aim is to force governments to address the issues of poverty and inequality by making more efficient policies that take the plight of the marginalised poor into consideration. And most important of all to hold governments accountable for the well-being of their citizens by honoring their promises with regards to the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

I could go on but I am afraid it would require volumes of text to do justice to the subject. I therefore encourage you to visit our website via to learn more about what we do and the actions we will be undertaking this year.

I have learned so much these past five months and I will say that during my one year at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy I did not forsee that I would be working in an organisation where I would actually use the knowledge I gained. I have rather moved away from my first love - cultural heritage management, but I think everything is connected because we need better policies to be able to preserve our cultural resources and assets. If poverty and inequality are eradicated, there would be an increase in the appreciation of our cultures and in preserving that

I have tried not to be too rigid about remaining true to my initial career objectives, it has been a little difficult but it is getting easier to keep an open mind and have a sense of direction but not try to restrict new opportunities because they do not correspond to my original career master plan.

I am thoroughly enjoying working here at GCAP. Our structure is totally decentralised and we have staff working from different parts of the world. We spend a lot of time on skype, email, teleconferences and phone calls. I haven't met a number of the people I work witrh face-to-face but because we communicate daily I feel as if I know them.

We are a prime example of a virtual work space and it works, sometimes not too smoothly but it has been a succesful system.

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Hi Ijeoma, Glad to hear that you are doing well in your internship. I trust you will hunt a good job based on your experience. Good luck! Alex, in Beijing, China