Sunday, April 5, 2009

I was at the Jo'burg Art Fair

It has been quite a while since I went to see an exhibition or a performance and for someone who grew up in and around the arts this is unacceptable. 

It was wonderful to be at the Jo'burg Art fair and the art community was fairly well represented given the current economic downturn and the fact that the arts are always the first to be deprived of funds. 

It was a good show though and there was so much to see, I didn't get to see everything. I was however proud to see my friend and curator, Bisi Silva from Nigeria. She brought a group of artists from around Africa. It was a good outing.

I'll revisit this topic in another blog.

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themba nyauza said...

Hi Ijeoma Loren,
It's nice reading you after such a long time.yep! you are on the right track! the arts is what keeps us human ... keep the spirit babes....regards to all the WOW bloggers out thre....Themba