Sunday, September 20, 2009

Re-visiting Lagos

I just got back from a two-week stint in Lagos and find myself re-charged and re-vitalised. it's difficult to describe the vibe that is Lagos, the energy, the is so uniquely Lagos.

I was happy to immerse myself in the madness. the endless traffic jams, the aggressive hawkers that make it easy for busy workaholics to shop from the comfort of their air-conditioned cars. only in Lagos I always say can you see such sights.

I loved and hated every minute of the stress and wahala. but it gives you a natural high, makes your senses stand alert because you just have to be smart or risk being outsmarted in Lagos. eko for show!!

I achieved quite a bit now i sit here thinking about it but while I was there it fel as if I didn't achive a single thing.

I started discussions regarding representation with 7 artists, I got five cds of images and a few cv's as well.

Basically, I have launched myself back into the arts and my past credibility still serves me well.

I am all set to achieve great things at Africore but i want to do it systematically and lay a sound foundation that will form a solid base on which to grow and develop the gallery.

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Temitope Adewunmi said...

Hey IJ way to go, to the sky is not even your limit. na eko be that for you. But you you no tell me say you go Naija, wetin you bring come?