Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wading the treacherous currents of unemployment and triumphing

In the past four months I have been applying for positions and going for interviews with art organisations, and waiting, waiting, continually waiting for feedback. In some instances I was overqualified and therefore the organisation though interested in employing me could not afford to.

This is a serious problem for me with the art sector. The word on the street is that there are not enough trained art and culture managers, researchers and curators, then you go and train to be all of these and suddenly you are overqualified. 

During these four months I did some consulting for the Human Resources Research Council on the visual arts sector in South Africa, which was challenging but enjoyable for me. I also did some work for Gallery MOMO in Johannesburg and as a result of a combination of negotiations over a couple of months and actually doing some work for the Gallery, I was offered the position of Assistant Gallery manager.
I am quite excited to be working for a gallery of MOMO's repute, both in Southern Africa, the African Continent and internationally. It will be a really great learning curve for me as well as an opportunity to  channel the skills and training I have gained over the years and contribute positively to the further growth and development of the gallery.

Visit our website via I'll keep you updated on my progress there.

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