Saturday, October 30, 2010

David Adjaye ''African Metropolitan Architecture''

Our current exhibition 'African Metropolitan Architecture' by David Adjaye was one of my first major projects at Gallery MOMO and even though logistically it was a bit of a challenge, I enjoyed working on it. The opening on the 30th of September crowned the end as well as the beginning of my first relatively successful outing as the Projects Manager at Gallery MOMO.

What do I like about working at MOMO? There are quite a number of things, for instance actually being part of the team has given me new insight into the artist Mary Sibande's artistic world. She is like an onion, each layer presents yet another layer to peel off. She is a deep thinker and her work is so subtly nuanced. Mary's work has garnered considerable international attention resulting in invitations from different cultural organizations around the world wanting to collaborate with us.

I believe next year will be a very good year for the gallery, already we have projects throughout 2011 and beyond. I am really looking forward to an artistically exciting year!!


adam mukendi said...

Congratulation for your new position Ije.

Every time I pass by your Gallery, I pray that the Lord gives you wisdom and intelligence to govern that place. I am not surprised that you have already project beyond 2011. You are the salt on that place and month after months, you will plant yourself and become a strong, steady big tree on that place and business.

Wishing you the best and proud of your hardworking.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Thank you so much my dear. How are you doing over there at Sangonet and how is married life?