Thursday, July 25, 2013

Charting a new course

Life can sometimes take a sudden unexpected and seemingly unpleasant turn. That is what happened to me on the 11th of July. Interestingly I was surprisingly calm and accepting of something that should have had me breaking out in hives. Leaving was preferable to the unbearable tension that I had been laboring under, even worse being in an environment where it seemed like I was under siege. Believe me I tried to be objective and put things in perspective and I was not mistaken in my assessment at all. I believe in team work, in the team, the spirit of working together in sync of supporting and having each others' backs. My experience was most unpleasant and for the first time in my professional experience I felt that I was not a valued member of the team. Indeed there was no team anyway just egos and personal agendas. Quite a shame because there is so much untapped potential.

But here I am ostensibly footloose and fancy free and not feeling too hard done by. This has forced me to re-evaluate my long term goals and how I plan on achieving my career objectives. For a long time I was searching for something that would combine academia and commerce. I allowed myself to drift on the tides of opportunity and happen chance. Even though there has been a method to my madness so to speak it's time to consolidate the various streams of my professional experience into one strong component. I believe I am now ready for that critical first step that will take me to my final destination. I am excited and somewhat daunted but actually more confident and with a clearer vision of what lies ahead and how to navigate towards my aims and objectives. The past 3 years have been invaluable in getting me to this point and I don't regret the course my career took over the past 10 years and where it has ultimately brought me.

Sometimes to chart a new course we need to be stopped in our tracks completely and forced to rethink our course. That is what I'm doing currently and I believe opportunities will open up in my area of interest. They are already beginning to. One thing that I am happy about is that my departure was amicable in the end, it is never a good thing to burn your bridges no matter what.

Wish me luck!!!

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