Monday, February 18, 2013

Two weeks and counting....

Amazing how quickly time passes. When I finally took the steps towards adopting I never knew what a whirl wind process it would become. I've been literally swept away by the tides of time. But in hindsight I think I would never have been prepared enough because nothing really prepares you for this experience.

I am going into my third week of having this beautiful little girl and it's a continuous journey of discovery for both of us. The first week was very stressful for me because I had hoped to get time off to bond with her. Everything has however worked itself out and she's gradually falling into the routine that we have now. It's so rewarding seeing her going on this journey of self-discovery, of experiencing an increasingly enlarging world, growing more confident and blossoming under the love and care. And her capacity to give love is amazing.

For me it's a huge adjustment. As a single person you never really think about how much being a parent changes your life. People say it all the time but when it's not really your lived experience it's not something you spend a lot of time thinking about. Speaking from my own very new and budding experience as a parent, it's so interesting and wonderful to have this little person trailing you all day and talking, talking, talking non-stop. It's also a bit too much!! I can't even go to the bathroom with her being hot on my heels!! Sometimes it makes me laugh so hard and then she laughs with me. And she has such a beautiful smile and a cute laugh and she's full of mischief. As she gets more secure the imp within is beginning to emerge and the "terrible twos" manifesting.

She's a riot and I love her to bits. We have very interesting conversations and she just laughs at me. I have always gotten on with children, they gravitate towards me naturally. I am also known to be stern but loving and gentle. And with my little one it's no different. She knows when I get serious and sometimes I speak to her as if she's 30 and not almost 3. But she's an old soul, wise beyond her years. She's a very special little lady. I'm learning a lot everyday, these two weeks has been a lesson in patience and perseverance but it's all worth it.

Let's see how the next 20 years unfolds, I can't wait to see what kind of woman I bring up. Exciting and daunting at the same time!! For some reason this child chose me and she's actually perfect for me. I planned to adopt a much younger child (at least that is what I had on paper, I really didn't have much experience to go on when I started the process of adoption) but here we are....

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