Sunday, February 10, 2013

We won!!!!!

Congratulations to our coach Stephen Keshi who has proven that  home-based, home-grown, internationally trained career footballer turned coach is the best thing for an African team. And for chrissakes just leave him to do his job without all the interference and politicking.

Well done to our mixed team of experienced players like Mikkel Obi (that solid mid-fielder), Emmanuel Emunike, who held down the fort while steering the less experienced players. Kudos to Victor Moses and Sunday Mba and the third striker, what fabulous play. You have all done Nigeria proud. This shows the level of homegrown talent we have if only youngsters can be given the opportunity.

Our country needs to build a culture of encouraging and supporting the youth by creating opportunities for them to excel.

Excellent job Super Eagles winners of the 2013 Orange AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS!!

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