Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Going it alone bravely...

My baby went to school alone for the first time without her sitter yesterday and today. And she was alright, I was a little worried about this transition but she keeps on surprising me. I think she was ready to assert her independence to explore her world and gain new experiences. All I can say is you go girl!! She has a wonderful personality, very endearing and engaging and she's a very likable individual. I am so very proud of her. We had a really nice day on Sunday with a long lost friend of mine that I had reunited with earlier in the year. It was very relaxed and chilled, he made a lovely meal with some meat on the braai stand and it was lekker.

This week though I feel like a mini-bus cab driver, now I get the whole driving kids around the entire day syndrome. It's exhausting and time-consuming but them kids gotta get to where they gotta get to right? Being a mom is not so bad, in fact it is an amazing experience and I find myself giving her a tight hug or raining kisses on her little face and she's so cute!! Okay maybe I am biased, she's my kid after all.

So another week slowly draws to an end and I am happy to say that due to the wise counsel of a friend, I apologized to my colleague and things are much better at work. I hated the tense atmosphere, I literally got a sick feeling in my stomach every time I drove into work. I would like to know what's going on in her mind though.

I attended this really interesting workshop on audience development today and I will be going back for the last session tomorrow. I am chuffed I was able to participate. Thanks Karen!!!

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