Saturday, March 2, 2013

There is a first time for everything...

In the six years I have lived in SA, I haven't really experienced crime until today when my handbag was stolen from my trolley at the Jet store at the Cresta Mall. I was more shocked than anything else, I really had an outer body experience in which I saw myself going through the motions of stopping my bank cards and making sure the perpetrator was not busy trying to match my car keys to my car in the parking lot (though that would have been a mission considering that the parking lot is huge and it might look suspicious), another consideration is that the perp doesn't know how to drive. I suspect it's a woman I saw hanging around my trolley with my baby inside. I was so distracted with what I was trying to achieve that I completely forgot my bag was in the trolley until I got to the checkout counter. This is an experience I hope never to have again on any level. Imagine how people feel when their house is broken into when they are not there? It's even worse when you are there. One of our gallery artists had his house broken into a week ago on Friday, he was almost choked to death by a cloth they put over his face after roughing him up a bit. He is still traumatized and he was alone at home unfortunately. I consider myself lucky to have lived here so long and to only experience theft on a small scale now.

And my poor, poor child. It was just supposed to be 30 minutes of shopping max for our monthly groceries and to shop for some clothes for her (ergo Jet) and then this happened and we ended up spending 3 to 4 hours at the mall. She was tired, sleepy and very hungry as she only had oats for breakfast and some fruit and snacks I packed in her bag. But she took it like a trooper until it just became too much for the poor child. By the time we got home I could see that she was so happy to be back home. I was so surprised that she understood to some extent that my bag had been stolen at 2 and a half. She's so intuitive and a very smart girl. I am so proud of her and I love her to bits. We had our moments at the mall of course but I think she understands me on an emotional level. She's a delightful child to be around, I have such fun listening to her and having conversations with her. She definitely made the whole experience of the stolen bag not as major as it could have been for me because I had to focus on her more than on the unfortunate incident. Besides no one got hurt or killed so it's not the end of the world. I'm just upset about my car key, fairly new BB charger, spectacles and other little bits and pieces.

Ja ne, life happens... thank God for another day in which I lived, breathed and came out unscathed.

It is well....

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